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Mutation in ion exchange systems was once a far-fetched concept; however, scientific and industrial developments have introduced electro-deionization (EDI) systems as a substitute for ion exchange systems

EDI systems have cornered a segment of ion exchange systems market and are expanding their presence in it.

In addition to the consistency and ultrahigh quality of product in EDI systems, environmental compatibility is another important factor that has contributed to the success of the EDI systems.

Electro-deionization Applications

Ultrapure water for boilers as well as pharmaceutical, micro-electronics, and similar industries.

Electro-deionization Features

Suitable and advanced substitute for traditional ion exchange systems .

Purification of water to less than 0.1 ppm.

Ions removal based on electric charge difference between cathode and anode with less energy consumption.

Continuous water deionization .

Lower costs due to elimination of chemicals in regeneration .

Fewer footprints and more environmental compatibility.

Reactive Silica and TOC removal.

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