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Training Service
Training Division has been established due to extend the experiences on R&D activities and projects in the field of water treatment, Desalination and energy, And in the aim of developing and improving managers, engineers and professionals knowledge level in both energy and water treatment sections.
Some of the topics:
1- Progressive trends of Desalination Technology and it's market in the world & Iran
2- Introduce and Compare Pre-Treatment Methods: Modern and conventional
3- Comparing Desalination Methods and Water transportation
4- Basic Design Fundamentals of Thermal and Membrane Desalination Technology
5- Comparison, Desalination Technologies
6- New Desalination Technologies
7- Economic Consideration from Design to Production
8- Golden Keys on Design and Operation of Desalination Technology
Training Course
Due to defect and special requirements of different industries, Companies and organizations; a variety of special courses in the Training Service are designed.
These courses are presented in at least 2 hours and if it is needed the following course is possible.
Special training Courses as mentioned below are designed and developed:
1- Based on Organizations and Companies Request
2- Based on Professional Knowledge Imperfection
3- Based on Engineers and Operators Demand
It is notable that some of the training package which introduce desalination technology or co-generation heat and power, could be awarded to organizations and companies.
Some of the topics are:
1- O&M training for MED-TVC Plant
2- Survey of All Kinds of Membrane
3- New Technologies for Brine Disposal
4- Optimized Technology Selection Model
5- Hybrid Desalination Technology
6- Co- generations Technology: Introductions and Comparisons
7- Economic Industrial Projects Calculation with Expertise Software ComFar
8- How to Invest for New Industrial Projects and Co-generation Plant
9- Survey of Advanced Technologies for Producing Special water
In all of the courses real data and prominent case studies inside and outside of the country is utilized.