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The report of MED-TVC in the Lavan’s refinery

As there are some plants which treat seawater near the Kish Island, so the amount of total dissolved solids are considerably lower than that of other places in Persian Gulf. So, the amount of concentration of seawater could be raised to higher ratios.

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Refurbishment & Upgrading of Desalination Plans

One of Fan Niroo’s main self-commitments to all clients using its desalination units are to optimize performance all of its units whenever it is necessary. Fan Niroo’s specialists in all departments try to find new questions answer to them so that performance of its desalination units enhances. This company tries to serve its customers by applying its best knowledge to modify its units feature and operational conditions.

Anyway, Fan Niroo is even willing to apply all its knowledge to improve performance of desalination units not constructed by itself as did this job several times before such as the cases of Kish and Lavan units.

Installation, Operating & Maintenance Service

Installation & Start up
Overhaul Packages
Displacement, Installation & start up
Instrument & Control Systems

2days thermal desalination workshop.

Workshop topics:

  • Introduction to thermal desalination method (MED).
  • Introduction to desalination thermohydraulical design Introduction to control and operation principles.
  • Introduction to plants testing and troubleshooting.
  • Introduction to R&D in Reduce energy consumption and increase production capacity.
  • Introduction to advances in desalination manufacturing process.
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Training Service for O&M Personal

Our experience shows that most of the time, lack of proper knowledge and enough training of operators are the main problems which can lead to great disasters. Hence, Fan Niroo co. thinks should be pioneer to solve this problem as the greatest Iranian company that possesses desalination technology.
In order to reach to such an aim, Fan Niroo incorporation holds training workshops in which operators could train effectively.

Fan Niroo is the largest and oldest company which possesses technology of multi effect desalination units in Iran; accordingly it tries to train all customers and other people who are willing to understand MED’s mechanism of pure water production.
In these workshops, the customers are comprehensively trained and critical points of a MED plant from scientific approach are introduced to them.

Due to presence of any defect or special requirements of different industries, companies and organizations, variety of special courses in the training service are designed. These courses could present in at least two hours up to several days.
Fan Niroo is also ready to consult any company faces with technical problems.