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R&D Capabilities
Design and optimize ejectors and thermo-compressors
Certainly, the most important part of MED-TVC plants is its thermo-compressor. We are able to design and construct perfect thermo-compressors which not only give high entrainment ratio but also work safe region. Our department can also investigate various issues which are related to thermo-compressors like CFD Simulation of high supersonic flow within the thermo-compressor, etc.
Develop and design new hybrid plants (RO+MED)
Hybrid plants with combining different aspect of treatment exhibit much higher compatibility can perform better and more efficient. R&D department is able to suggest best solutions according to raw water circumstance.
Develop and design zero liquid discharge (ZLD) plants
Fan Niroo Incorporation, after comprehensive study, research and design ZLD systems, claims that it can find best solutions to treat different sources of wastewater with very high recovery. Fan Niroo ZLD plant by its special features can easily cope with various kinds of wastewater sources.
Improve thermal characteristics of evaporators and condensers
As evaporators and condensers are vital parts of MED-TVC improvement of them should be taken serious in order to promote thermal characteristics of plant. To achieve this goal, experts of R&D department are trying to modify their plant thermal design. They have reached to very interesting results till now which are completely helpful for future.