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EPC Contractor in Oil, Gas& Petrochemical  Industry
Synchronous with the long term strategy for developing the capacity and ability of Fan Niroo Group and according to possession of powerful engineering team and work shops, in addition to manufacture desalinations, Petro A1 Co. construct different equipment utilizing in oil, gas & petrochemical industry. In 2007 Petro A1 Co. established as a subsidiary of Fan Niroo Co. with Mellat Trading Co. support
With competent manageme
Now Petro A1 Co. as an EPC contractor has lots of running and finished projects in design, provide, manufacturing, installing and operating of crude oil desalting Systems, pressure vessels, Storage Tanks and heat Exchangers, direct and indirect heaters..
According to success in localizing the required technologies that Fan Niroo Co. has in its fruitful resume, by running the project assisting by Petro A1 Co. about manufacturing crude oil desalting package and its corresponding equipment, Consciously it is stepping in to the field that not only suffice national needs for this packages but also gradually localizing the know-how. In his short life Petro A1 Co. was succeed in getting the certificates from territorial and foreign companies, moreover Petro A1 Co. has been the executer of several oil desalting project for national oil company in oil-field of south and national oil company in central region of Iran..