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The report of modification and optimization of desalination units of the Lavan’s refinery
As there are some plants which treat seawater near the Kish Island, so the amount of total dissolved solids are considerably lower than that of other places in Persian Gulf. So, the amount of concentration of seawater could be raised to higher ratios. Therefore, desalination units of Kish are designed in such a way that it can concentrate seawater in two steps. But as the seawater near Lavan Island has different specification and higher amount of dissolved solids, transferring these units make lots of problems and led to formation of scaling and a slight decrease in the amount of production of desalinated units. So, Fan niroo Co. accepted the responsibility of repairing of the unit and optimizing operation condition in such a way that could help to reach to best performance of unit which is impossible. The Fan niroo co. repaired all mechanical parts of the unit and improved, changed process parameters of the unit so that to reach the optimum conditions and avoid further fouling and finally improved and installed advanced control systems. As it is obvious, modifying a unit which is not constructed by who wants to repair is a difficult task. But Fan niroo that is committed to serve all industries accepted this responsibility and fortunately did it well. All modification and improvement can be divided to three sections which we explain it briefly:
  1.  Process
  2.  Mechanics
  3. Electricity and Instrument 
1. Process:
As the temperatures of all effects of unit were higher than allowable value, operating conditions is changed in order to lower the temperature of all effects. This modification improved performance of the unit considerably.
2. Mechanics:
All paths and parts are modified and inner parts of the unit are cleaned in such a way that the unit performance highly improved.
3. Electricity and Instrument:
Installing the newest and most advance electrical and control system was another part of the modification. This also caused in better and easier controlling the unit process variables.