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First and main Fan Niroo`s factory in parand industrial estate.


Second Fan Niroo Group factory which Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo built it.


Equipped‬ factory with modern machine like Submerge, CNC cutting and ...

Boeein Zahra

This factory is the first Factory in Fan Niroo Group which it was built in 2000

Shirin noo

Most of Fan Niroo Project are in Assaluyeh, This reason case of Fan Niroo build new factory in Assaluyeh.


Strategically located within Parand Industrial Estate because it is near to Tehran.

Parand3 with more than 10000m2 whole area is one of the largest factory in Parand Industrial Estate, and it is a world class manufacturing factory with high-tech facility like SAW for welding process. This factory is the largest factory in Fan Niroo Group. 

Parand3 features of the facilities include

Manufactory Salon

2 manufactory salons with 3500 m2, each salon can be equipment factory, these salon include modern facility .

Welding shop

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a method in which the heat required to fuse the metal is generated by an arc formed by an electric current passing between the electrode & the work piece. In Parand3 SAW is used for welding.

Office Area

2 offices space with Manufacturing, QC, HSE and Planning & Project Control department.